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Jon March

you can see that when the windows were assembled, there is a u shaped piece of slip-plastic or rubber on the leading edge of the glass. is that to help it ease in there...or to grab it to prevent it from coming out... maybe both?

and is thee an adhesive that is recommended to install glass in the crank-up fScreen shot 2017-07-18 at 12.27.40 AM.png rames?


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Professionals install these windows and the vent windows with a rubber looking tape that comes in different thicknesses and widths. This stuff isn't like anything I'd ever seen before. It seems like dry rubber but when wetted with oil it becomes sticky and helps lubricate the installation. It then dries and you trim off the extra. It goes down as one of the strangest things I had seen up until then. After trying it myself several times I gave up and took it to the pros to install. They charged me very little and that's what you should do. Unfortunately that doesn't appear to be your biggest problem. The broken frame should be replaced or at least welded back together. I very much doubt anything short of that will leave you with a serviceable piece. Of course a rechrome is a nasty and expensive job too. I found just trying to get that rear window into a good frame was a total pain and had the pros do it before I broke the frame.

John Friese
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Jon March

great advice JF - that pic was before i took it apart to have welded & chromed - i will bring it to a glass place so i dont screw it up!