WI Rules about boat registration


Steve Behnke

Wisconsin only requires Amphi to be titled as an auto. We have 1 time fee automobilecollector license plate costing $160 for the first vehicle($110 for each subsequent vehicle).With this, your license plates are good for life with no additional fee. Wisconsindoes not issue titles to small boats under something like 16 feet. All you need for a vessel of this size is a bill of sale. Boat registration is required though from the WI DNR. It's $16.50 for a 3 year term. When I registered my Amphicarw/the DNR for the boat numbers, I sent them a copy of the auto title proving the state sales tax had already been paid as a car. At my request, they reissued me the same boat numbers as were on the Amphi when it was first registeredwhen new. These boatregistration numbershad expired decades earlier but it was not
a problem for them. To get the boat registration part figured out, it did take a number of phone calls to the DNR's home office in the state capital. At some point, in it's system the state hadlistedAmphi as a 20 foot inboard, steel hullvessel.Back then they were not issuing titles for these length of vesselseither. The laws changed since then and now a vessel this size would need a title. So I needed to convince the DNR that I didn't have a title and didn't need one. Tryingto get them to correct'their' documented length so I would not need to pay for a title took a bit of education. Also, initially I was being told the Coast Guard needed to inspect it before they'd issue boat registration... this turned out to be incorrect. No inspection for car or boat registration was required. Steve Behnke 1964