WI Amphicar Swim-In: July 4 ? 7



2nd Annual Wisconsin Amphicar Club Swim-In @ Anchor Inn July 4 ? 5 ?
6 ? 7

This is the last date change to the 2nd Annual Wisconsin Amphicar
Club Swim-In. We had been asked to move our original date to an
earlier date by a good friend who could only make it on the earlier
date. It now appears that more people can make it over the July 4th

Anchored by Marty & Caryl Peters.
This swim-in takes place in beautiful southern Wisconsin on the Rock
River & Lake Koshkonong.
The Anchor Inn is located in picturesque Newville, 8 miles north of
Janesville, 30 miles south of Madison, about 100 miles north-west of
Chicago and 75 miles due west of Milwaukee.
You can get here from there.

We had 5 cars meet for this swim-in last year. The entire fleet had
an excellent voyage. We constantly meet people that talk about all
those "BOATCARS" in the water and on the streets. Everyone wants to
see us do it again.

The owner of The Anchor Inn always talks about last year's swim-in
and how much fun everyone had. He says he can't believe how many
people stopped in and joined the excitement. This year he is
offering to feed us well-known cuisine; he has also talk about
possibly roasting a pig. John wants us to display our Amphicars on
the lawn in front of the Inn, which is on the busy side of the river
where we are sure to have a good time with all the boaters and
passersby who may stop in for a closer glimpse.

Marty & Caryl will again offer their 4 acre country retreat home to
those who would like park campers or set up a tent. Inside rooms
will be available (while they last). We will offer our cool &
refreshing backyard swimming pool to relax in or by and offer
abundant snacks and good food so that everyone is well fed and

We have a nice Comfort Inn with indoor pool across the highway from
The Anchor Inn for those who want the luxury of their own private air-
conditioned room. Located at 11102 Goede Road, 608-884-2118 or 800-

We are looking forward to adding you to our flotilla.
If you know Amphi people that do not have a computer, please pass
this swim-in note along.
Please contact us off list if you are able to join us on any or all
of these dates.

Marty & Caryl Peters
'64 Turq