Why DO they call it "Hot Hole?" (part 3 of 10)

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Marc and Elizabeth graciously took us in for
our first Celina swim. Dual ramps with a pier
in between and miniature marina which leads to
a tunnel, which then leads out into the lake.
Someone told me this is the "Hot Hole." Beats
me why they call it "Hot Hole," but I realize
there is plenty of opportunity to get pissed if
you collide with an AmphiGeo in the tunnel. Two
by two, like some biblical Noah's ark scene, the
Amphis took the plunge into the water, then single
file through the tunnel and out into the lake.
The lake has brackish green water - add 3 dozen
Amphicars? and it looked like a giant margarita
with colorful corks bobbing about. A sight like
no other. Mermaid & I are in awe.
Avoiding collisions in the water would seem paramount,
but these captains are professionals so it was mainly
a photo fest and free for all. Eventually we left the
water and parked on the grassy outer banks for admirer's
to enjoy close-ups. Of course I gathered another dozen
signatures on Hugh's plaque. A few folks demonstrated
high speed splash entries for the crowd. Billy and Al
clearly in a league of their own by creating 9 to 12
foot high wakes. The crowd cheering, egging them on?
and they delivered in style - many spectators now
drenched and laughing. We then met up with Al & Debra
for evening festivities. Their Amphi sported a pair
of Texas Longhorns which clearly set them apart from
the "norm." Lightening spanking the horizon as Al, Debra,
Mermaid, & I ventured along the coast. I'm a wuss when
it comes to lightening in a metal boat in the middle of
a lake. Al said the wheels are rubber, will ground us
out and not to worry! Yeah right? Sheesh. With the
storm approaching we made our way towards the Eagles
Lodge. The fireworks show began so we floated out in
the water with both man made fireworks and natures
lightening. That was yet another new and astonishing
experience - a sight to behold, a sight to remember.

Coming Soon:
Part 4 highlights - the Eagles Lodge, Billy & my underwear,
and How I nearly sunk Dave the Wave's Brown Wonder.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego