Why Celina? web page


Marc Schlemmer

The Bilgemaster has put together a great page that is certainly worth a

It discusses Celina and the amazing growth that the Amphicar Club's Annual
Convention has seen over the past couple of years. The first Convention and
Swim In that I attended was up in Lake George, New York in 1998. We had 8
Amphicars and 1 Dutton......and that turnout was typical of previous Swim
In's. Just 3 years later the Swim In held in Celina, Ohio for 2001 saw 58
Amphicars! Truly amazing!

In any case, do check out the page at:
Bill has a great write up with maps and everything!
His time and efforts on this are typical of why he was named 2001 "Amphibian
of the Year" by Amphipoda!

Marc Schlemmer.