Who, What, Where, When?


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Restoring questions a many here. As I have been restoring, rebuilding, racing, for many years, I see this restoration can cost many $...so being in this business for over 50 years, I spend a ton of time looking for quality parts at wholesale. I make parts, rebuild parts, and when I have to, pay dearly for used parts to make new. My currant problem is I'm wanting to know what make of brake system is the Ampi made from? The steering and suspension? This helps me locate OEM wheel cylinder cups, springs, king pin bushings, etc. And in doing so, I can determine things like making king pins out of stainless steel, plastic bushings in a 3D printer. Part of staying on course financially, is not rebuilding with all new parts. Much respect to you selling parts, that's how you make money, me, I'm just trying to be on budget, make a quality, safe Amphicar, and get done before I die!


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Axles, suspensions, steering and brakes are specially Amphicar. You can use some brake parts from Mercedes-Benz and DKW, but it's not optimal and just as rare.

Wheel cylinders are available in acceptable quality on the Internet.