Who? Me?



I am an enigma! I am an enigma! I am an enigma!
I wonder, if an enigma pilots an Amphizine when no one is looking, does it
float, or sink?

So, whats up? Something I can help with? Something I should know? Yes, I am
not the owner of any of these fine vehicles, just a humble caretaker and
enthusiast. I even have a set of keys to the mystical warehouse of doom! :p
Of course we have all been sworn to secrecy of the actual location of the
Amphi-cave. How about that Amphi-girl! She seems to know the Commissioner,
odd that.


>From: chasgould@aol.com
>Ah yes, Amadeus. Ai Matey, it is I who have seen the proverbial Amphicar
>heaven with all 42 such beasts, including the Amphizine

>From: "Bill Connelly" <billiam@erols.com>
>Ah yes....the enigma that is "amadeus". Well, one good enigma deserves
>another, or at least a riddle, so here are your clues: