Who lives near Austin, Texas???

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Hi Folks:

During the weekend of May 16-18, I have been invited to stay at a
development called "Ridge Harbor" on Lake Travis, which is about one
hour west of Austin, Texas of Hwy 71, in order to attend the Bachelor
Party weekend for a buddy of mine.

We will be waterskiing, boating, having a few cold ones, and
generally having a great time.

It is too far for me to haul my Amphicar just for the weekend, so I
was wondering if there is anyone on this list who might live in this
area and might be interested in making an appearance for our group
with their Amphicars???

Free beer will be provided!

Please let me know offline if there is anyone who would like to
participate with their Amphicar in this fun.

Thanks for your time,

Ed Howard
Orange County, CA
64 Red