Who is Amphi Jones?


David Derer

Boy you up north guys must have an Amphi Jones that wont quit. After 6
months of the bleakest coldest, snowiest, BILGEING winter ever Amphi
Jonesing does not even come close to describing the desire to take off
and swim. When I open fridge and grab a beer I smile knowing all too
soon I will be having a frosty one with the Germans in Celina. When I
look in porch I smile thinking about how to go about my surf board idea
for Celina. When I take a leak I smile thinking back at a couple of
Celinas ago when I received my "Daves Evil Twin" name from the Bilge
Master. When I am in motor home and someone waves I smile thinking about
the time leaving Celina feeling a bit blue when this maniac comes flying
up waving wildly and it turned out to be Dave Chapman. That's it I got
to go take a ride! Viva Celina! Later Dave the Wave