White wheel paint code?

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look better in red shows off the white walls better, and white is always dirty with brake dust after a swim.
did my blue car, blue

green car is tan to match tan top and interior,

Craig Parada

Craig Parada
All Amphicars had wheels painted "Beach Sand White" which is PPG paint number as DAR 8703 (offset 90113) per David Chapman's site (http://www.amphicars.com/actcolor.htm), now known as "Lake Charles White"... Really! This is what I had mine painted, and even though it's Delstar acrylic enamel, not the vintage lead-based paint, the color is spot-on the original.


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Not all cars had white rims. Some of the Beach-Sand-White-Cars had red rims. I used RAL 3000 which is nearly the original colour. It was a very common colour in Germany in the sixties.


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red June 05 029.jpg
picture above you can see the Original colour off white wheels with WWW tires
The colour I used for this is off a 77 French car,, Its noted at the end of my parts list, Starts with P..
the car below is painted same as car and shows off WWW better
all the knobs, visors and steering wheel is done, just a shade darker than the white car so I add a little yellow tint to the white to get the correct shade.
I have seen some white cars painted bright white and it just dose not look right at all to me.
AMPHI,dean side red 002.jpg