Whew, what happened?



Humm, what can I add but to say WOW! Everybody there was soooo nice.
We had a great time! I would say a 12 on a 1-10 scale. Daryl-ict and
I made it home safe with a short nap some place in Kansas. I took an
extra day off, boy did I need that.

The Amphi was in need of a "Bilge-onic" She ingested several beers,
mixed drinks and who knows what else. She is detailed and looking
good again. She thanks you all for all the good words of
encouragement and compliments. I am humbled by them.

A BIG THANKS to all who made this happen. I am not sure how it could
have been better. Forgive me if I miss anyone.

Ken - You drive a hard bargain! ;) Where's my $20?
Chris E. - Sorry If I scared you! I was prepared, believe it or
not! ;)
Bilgy - My stomach still hurts from laughter! (Wait until I have the
2nd pump installed!)
Tommy - Sorry I missed seeing you and Lynne off.
Tim - Thanks again for the HD stuff!!
John - Even though I don't smoke, I did enjoy some of that cigar!
Marc - You are da Man! (standing ovation)
Roger S. - I want one! (radio car) ;)
Marty - I can get you a number for a good dentist! ;)

If anyone has any pictures they would like to send me for a possible
calender, please do! If there are pics of me doing a splash or in the
water, I would like a copy.

John Bevins