Where to get reasonable priced hydraulic brake hoses

Canadian four amphs

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I am in Florida,, yea 80s...swimming everyday
but we do have lots of parts here too.
I have lots of front and rear Flex hoses here,,
these are exact drop in fits.brand new..
fronts are $32.oo rears are $22.00 each on special till i go back
mid Dec.I do have a list of stock here and can email to you if you email me off line at gord@amphicar.ca or phone me 352 319 6774.best time to call is early am,,,7-8.30 or take a chance during rest of day, if Im not in pool, on lake or dinning out.. yea :DGord


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I know I can get them from GI, but who else sells hydraulic brake hoses?
I have a local friend who has a place called ironically enuf, "Tubes and Hoses" :dft012: Check your yellow pages for hydraulic hoses. I can go in with examples and in 20 mins leave with a new set of DOT brake hoses or oil cooler lines. They make my hard lines too.