Where is your front seat belt mounting bar location?

Hi All, I have a question regarding the front seat belt mount. My car didnt come with the heavy channel between the frame rails for the mounting of seat belts. I got a pc of channel iron to make one but where to put it is the problem. I have seen them mounted in 2 different places, in front of the small angle iron between the frame on a flat quarter car and behind the small angle iron on a lipped quarter car. Did they change over the years? Thanks for your help. Jack in Mass.


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I went through this same experience last year at this time. Gord Souter is an expert on this subject. I don't have the pics that he sent me, but I have attached the pics of where I Installed mine which are about the same position as where Gord installs them. Mine is installed behind the small piece of angle iron that you are referring to.


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