When did they go to single piece bumpers - I can show you when....



Here is some info I compiled while wading through the Maintenance
Manual. It tells you exactly when changes were made and to what cars.

These track rod measurements are only after Chassis number 101501
for green and red cars, and after Chassis number 100801 for white and
blue cars.

Figures 4 and 5 shows modification after Chassis number 103001 (two
possibilities of adjustment).

Note: Beginning with serial #101670 for red and green vehicles and
serial #101250 white and blue vehicles, a new exhaust system was
installed at the factory for all vehicles having serial numbers lower
than the above. The muffler and exhaust pipe of the new exhaust
system should be installed as one unit for replacement.

Heater (version beginning with serial no.103001)

After serial no.103001, the factory has installed a new heating unit,
the heater is mounted in the trunk, at the right hand side, between
the fuel tank and the sidewall (Fig 4)

After serial no 103602 the red/green marine lights can only be used
when the propellers are in operation

Effective after serial no 103602, improvements in the dipper switch
have been mode by the factory If a dipper switch of this new design
is to be mounted, make sure that the securing screws have us threads

A divided bumper arrangement is built into the vehicles beginning
with Serial No 101188 (White and blue vehicles) and Serial No 101765
(Red and green vehicles), respectively.

Effective with serial number 103001 the handbrake system has been
improved Repairs and adjustments on the improved system are carried
out in a similar manner

Pedals - To obtain access to the pedal linkage, the following steps
must be taken.

Remove front seat, floor mats and floor Remove accelerator pedal link
split pin.

Remove screws from foot dimmer switch. Dismantle toe board (up to
chassis 103000 only)

After Serial No 103001 the rear bearing for the operating shaft has
been improved as follows;

The operating shaft is lengthened, bracket mounted on transmission
cover, and ball seat (female) is altered

After serial No.103001, the guard strips, in lieu of oval-head
countersunk sheet-metal screws, are attached with Imex - sheet metal
dummy rivets.

In the older model the circuit is protected against overcharge
directly at the bilge pump switch by an 8 amp glass-tube fuse The
fuse is accessible from the trunk compartment

In the new model the fuse 8 A is positioned in the fuse box.


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John Bevins