Wheel well gap in the engine compartment

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  1. dbran40112@aol.com


    I have had my amphicar 12 to 15 years and am just now getting around to
    restoring it. I am trying to focus on one part of the car at a time. With
    the engine and trans out of the car, I am stripping the 4 layers of paint
    from the engine compartment. While doing this, I encountered a rubber "seal"
    filling the gap between the flat shelf on the top of the wheel well and the
    inside of the back fender. I thought I would never get it out, but I finally
    did. Of course, down inside the gap was full of rust and upon further
    examination, I found that the rear quarter panels were totally rusted and
    covered up by a bad bondo job at some time in the past. I was wondering if
    that rubber seal was original, but I was told by another amphi owner that it
    wasn't. Now the question is, should I replace the seal or properly repair
    the rust damage and leave the gap open for "natural" air circulation?

    Thanks for any wisdom you can share on this.
  2. Allan Woodcock

    I spent an hour or so at Hugh Gordon's shop a couple weeks ago and he
    mentioned this "wheel well gap" and showed me what he is doing. Hugh is
    filling the gap with Gluvit. I am new to the group so you old timers
    might want to comment on this. Filling this gap seems logical to me as
    it will no longer be a problem if it is done correctly. A site which
    has Gluvit is:


    PROGRESS REPORT: My car is down to the bare body with everything
    removed. The rear quarter panels will have to be done to make the car
    look good. I was amazed at how easily things came apart. Only one
    small bolt broke off as things were coming off.

    Allan Woodcock
  3. dbran40112@aol.com

    Thanks for the info on the wheel well gap. After working more on the amphi
    on Saturday, I think I will talk to Hugh about replacement quarter panels. I
    was hoping I wouldn't have to do that but to do it right, I think that's the
    best thing to do. Is this a very difficult project? How is it done?

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