Wheel Bearing Protectors Available



In addition the popular fuel shutoff valves I've been making, I can now make
you wheel bearing protectors or rebuild your rear shock/spring assembly.

Boat trailers have long used "Bearing Buddies" to keep water out of their
wheel bearings. Since the wheel bearing caps on my car kept leaking grease and
water, I decided I needed bearing protectors on my car -- thus I modified some
boat trailer ones to fit.

Also, my rear shock absorbers were in bad shape. I have the early-production
small-diameter rear springs, so I decided to "rebuild" mine rather than get
all new units with the larger rear springs. I fabricated the parts necessary
to add my springs to a set of brand-new shocks.

If you like, I can make you bearing protectors, or rebuild your rear spring
assemblies. Refer to my new ad in the Amphicar Classifieds for details and


White '63

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