What strange things have you found in your Amphi?



I recently completed a year long deal on a VERY nice 100% original
red '63. (this is why I am selling my green car) It was her 1st car
given to her by her father. Well, Dad caught her riding the big waves
on Lake Superior so he took the car from her in 1968. In 1985 it was
found hidden under a tarp in a warehouse and returned to her. It has
sat in her garage since. Her father started Valley Pool tables (I
can't recall his name) and invented the mechanisim that returns you
cue ball seperately from the play balls.

Last night I was working out why one rear window would not go down
completely. I removed the interior panel, looked inside and there was
the problem. A yellow #1 pool ball between the door jam and window!

I have found all the usual stuff in the bilge, but nothing inside the
body. In other cars I have found Dr. Pepper bottles, a nasty note (bad
day at the plant I guess), tools and trash.

John Bevins