What other ?exotic? car owners moan about...

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What other "exotic" car owners moan about...

So we all agree our Amphis have a few minor
nuisance problems. Nothing we can't handle
as long as we float along together and seek
each others advice. Just for a little perspective
I offer the following story which has several
variations but is always linked to some rich
bastard's "exotic" car.

<<<< Walter ordered a Jaguar the minute he became
a partner in the law firm. He'd earned his wealth,
now he was intent on enjoying it. Flaunting it, even!
It was a beautiful car. However, after a week, he
began to notice an annoying rattle. He brought it
back to the dealership where they did a thorough
check-up. They found nothing wrong with the car
and told him he was just sensitive because it was
a new car.
But the rattle was still there! After two more check-
ups by the dealership, Walter vowed not to bring the
car to them again. Every time he got in the car, the
rattle annoyed him just a little bit more, until he was
so enraged that he decided to pull the car apart in
his driveway...
Three hours later, the rattle was still there each time
he started the car. He turned the car off and got out.
Enraged, he kicked the door panel just below the
handle. Surprise, there was the rattle, even though
the car wasn't running!
Walter tore the inside of the door off and found
what had bothering him all this time . . .
There was an empty bottle of whiskey with a note
inside. Walter opened the bottle and read the note . . .
"You finally found it! I drank this fifth of whiskey
my last day working for Jaguar, and couldn't resist
giving it to someone! I hope it drove you crazy you
rich S.O.B!"
Walter couldn't help but laugh . . . >>>>

So my amphibious amigos, doesn't that make you
feel better about your shuddering clutch, spongy
shocks, shorted wiring, un-sending unit, steering
wander, scabs of rust, bilge slime, boils of paint,
Lucas ignition system, leaky door seals, noisy exhaust
system, torn convertible top, faded interior, missing
dash knobs, worn out floor rubber, slow wiper motor,
rotted window guides, tired seat springs, floppy sun
visors, rotted wood cargo decking, flat spare tire,
break-a-way Bakelite pulley wheel and more greasy
nipples than a back street in Amsterdam. At least
our problems are of substance, real stuff that makes
us float above the rest.

`64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA