What is your opinion on this floor mat

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I am taking apart a super original Amphi. One of the last ones made. On back side of floor mat is some writing. I think its from one of the factory workers. What do you think? The other pic is just to show how original this car is down to small hand written tape labels.


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I don't think that is German handwriting on the mat. Of course everyone is different but the way the letters are written looks European and if a German wrote German it would be the word Deutsche.
The numbers on the small label are factory original. What looks to us like an upturned V is the German number 1

Craig Parada

Craig Parada
Odd. My very early Amphicar has a big "G" painted on the side of the Triumph engine. It gets a little confusing, since a lot of the components were from the UK - like the Masonite floor, engine, and oh, the whole body.

Since this is a super original Amphicar, I hope you can retain everything possible as original! Like that paper labels, there's so many cool interesting details that tell about that time, a half-century ago, when these were built. Automotive Archeology!

Midwest Amphicar

Worlds Largest Amphicar Destination
It looks like the same color as the G painted on the blocks. I wish someone would you tube interviews with some of the line workers. It is a neat feeling finding things like this --like a connection between me and someone I have never met.


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I meet a lady in Fl. who's father worked on the line. We had dinner out with them and was very interesting,
She had a Amphicar but lost it in a Devorce. Just as I have lost her contact info.
I thought I was working on a very low mileage Amphicar(931miles) The customers father bought it new in 1964, Has not been driven since 1970.
I road tested it and water tested it last night,,guess what!,, The speedo cable is broken! When.. Don't know so may have alot more miles , who knows/.


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