What is the right oil filter to purchase, please?

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I'm going to change my oil this week & can't seem to find what kind of oil filter to purchase. Can anyone tell me if there is a certain oil filter that is better to use on the Amphicar? I already have the oil. Thanks for the info. Ina (in the Boro) :032:


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Ina! :)

Use a Fram TG-16. It has a valve inside that keeps the oil from draining out of the filter when you shut the engine off. I helps keep things lubricated when starting.


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Here are three I use> Fram PH8A, Motorcraft FL1A, Purolator PL30001. all three are larger filters and help keep the oil cleaner. All are equal so take your pick!!


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There are different fittings that have been installeed on Amphicars to make them fit screw on filters, (the orginals were male type..todays filters are Female type) so all may not fit that have been qoted above on all amphicars. BUT yours has a std. adaptor and Uses PH 3600 by fram.


When you screw the filter down, doesn't it hold a spring and check ball in place within the threaded mounting stem? Blub doesn't seem to have that.


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Fram filters are junk. Look at any of the web sites that have cut open various brands and examined them in depth. Here is one, there are many others:
Oil Filters Revealed - MiniMopar Resourceshttp://minimopar.simplenet.com/oilfilterstudy.html

You can not go wrong with the Mobil 1 oil filters (M1-301 is the part #. The M1-204 is a PH-16 equivalent that should also work).

Make sure you use a high quality oil. I am partial to Red Line synthetic but Penzoil Platinum is also excellent and available at WalMart!


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Ina, All good suggestions but if you have a Car Quest parts store close you should go pick up filter # 85312. It's high quality and the correct one made for your engine. It will even come with the original adapter in the box however you probably don't need it.
Oil, just go with Quaker or Penzoil 5w or 10w-30. Would not suggest anything synthetic as it tends to find leaks in older engines not fitted for it.

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There is alot of talk that the Oil on the shelf today has had some products removed that make it unsutable for solid lifter cams(Amphicars)
You must eather add an aditive to protect the camshaft or get an oil that still has it in it,diesel oil produts still do,, Shell Rotel 15w40 I think has it in it still. Althou it would take alot of miles to do damage and Amphicars as a hole don't go very far yearly.


Aquarcar came with a Fram DG-8A so that's what I have been using for replacements. Seems to work. - azpaul50