What Is the IAOC?

Ed Price

Many of the members of this Digest are also members of the International
Amphicar Owners Club (the IAOC). Although this Digest is free, membership in
the IAOC costs US$30 per year. So what do these smart Amphi enthusiasts get
for their money?

First, an IAOC member gets access to the "Members Only" section of the IAOC
web site at <http://www.amphicar.com/> http://www.amphicar.com/ with:

1. Down-loadable Owners Manual, Maintenance Manual, Parts Manual and
Service Manual. These are the highest quality electronic copies available

2. Paint color data.

3. The Vehicle Identification Number survey data.

4. Photos of members and their Amphis.

5. Past IAOC Newsletters (as old as 1967!).

6. Screensavers.

7. Swim-in photos.

8. And more (we intend to keep expanding our reference library).

Second, an IAOC member receives the bi-monthly full-color edition of our
club newsletter, the Wheels -n- Waves, featuring:

1. Swim-in schedules.

2. Technical Tips.

3. Classified ads (free for members).

4. Vendor display ads.

5. Amphicar vendor's special sale announcements.

6. Members photos and letters.

7. Articles on amphibious fun, Amphicar history, and member interviews.

8. Latest member activities (how about the December photo shoot; 2
supermodels and 6 Amphis!)

Third, an IAOC member receives protection:

1. The IAOC has helped its members by creating a nice, official looking
Statement of Marine Horsepower. Now you can show evidence why you should be
allowed into horsepower-restricted waters!

2. The IAOC has protected Amphi owners who use Pennsylvania waters by
forming a usage agreement with the State to officially allow Amphicars in PA
park waters.

3. The IAOC has trademarked "AMPHICAR", and extended usage of this mark
to all current members. We can all now use the name without worrying about
some T-shirt manufacturer harassing us.
4. The IAOC supports regional Swim-ins, helping with organizing advice,
contacting local members and providing nominal financial assistance (i.e.,
the snack fund).

Supporting our club strengthens the common focal point of the Amphicar
experience; it's the old help us to help you concept. So do the right thing,
grasshopper, and join the IAOC today at http://www.amphicar
<http://www.amphicar.com/join.htm> .com/join.htm .

Ed Price
IAOC Membership Registrar
El Cajon, CA USA
61 Rust Guppy
Thanks for the reminder Ed

I'm new here, and there, and have found the IAOC website a great resource.
I can hardly wait to get the latest edition of Wheels-n-Waves.
Keep up the good work.