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what in the name of ??? is this listing

Wow, so much money put in the car, but noting left for a good camera.:rolleyes:
Used many words that say nothing.

Motor, bilge pump, hoses, painting colours for sure not original.

According to the number plate i know the car, and for the text maybe the seller too.;)

Amphicar red 2.jpg
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I'm going to be generous and say English is not his native language. That's some description.

Jon March

Its all about the details :

"Restore with all my Love and now Money excuse - because i do not want to sell it - a Dealer wants

always make Money of course - reason for selling is - i have 3 of them - and the truth is i have a two Kids 2 and 4 - my Boy always

asking for the "Fast Gear" but it's a Classic and when i see i bump i make a Curve - also with the Kids - when there hang around

i always look to close that a Scretch comes - so i bouht for Boating a Sea Ray - they throw there hole Food over the Boat i dont Care.

And for Convertible Driving i bought them a Bentley Azure.

Again - Car is in 34202 Lakewood Ranch - i am at Home as a Longterm Snowbird - DURING DURING the Auction you can Crawl all Day Long.

After you bought the Buyer can ONLY Handle Car and Papers to the Money - NO Blabla or any Stories !!!!

I have the Time and Money to go with a non payer to the Court !!!

And i am very able - THANK YOU"
A real genius does not use a spell checker nor translator.
What he wants to say is, I'm the greatest and wealthy and you little bastard, can be glad I sell my car to you.

Jon March

Mike - can you take a look at the other thread that starts with "Mike" - seem to be having problem with posting youtube links? - can you reply over there as to whether they are showing up on your end? - coming out as blank white boxes on my end


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Will check when I get home. Xenforo will soon be forcing a software update that I have been trying to avoid. A lot of the purchased add-ons will have to be re-purchased, reinstalled, etc.
He probably voted for Chancellor Angela Merkel.;)
In a democracy, every vote counts the same. Too bad.:confused:
You Americans have your problems, we Germans have ours.:rolleyes:

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