What gear lube?


is this the amsoil product that people are using in the land and water trans?

I came across this stuff at carquest, for $8 per GALLON, and wondered if it would work in our trans: http://www.carquest.com/webapp/wcs/...ld+by+each__10151_-1_10651_1901051_?acesApp=0

they also have this stuff, for $9 a QUART: http://www.carquest.com/webapp/wcs/...ld+by+each__10151_-1_10651_1423166_?acesApp=0

what the heck is the difference in the carquest products? I did a search of the forum, but most threads were years old and a LOT has changed in oils. I want to make sure I stick with a GL4.


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I would not put $8 a gallon oil in my 5- 10,000.00 Transmition.
Stick with the good old 80-90 type gear oils not the new syntetic that play havic on our syncro's
and if your rebuilding your Amphicar take the trany apart and get rid of the 50 year old gunge $%^^)(*# that collects on the bottom that will NOT drain oput!

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When I had a tranny rebuilt recently I drilled the drain plugs and installed some strong magnets into the plugs to collect steel debris that can cause failures. Perhaps you might like to produce such items for sale.


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