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Amphi & I have come to a realization during
our restoration activities - we have two primary
enemies to contend with. The first, and perhaps
the most fearsome for Amphi, is RUST! I've
battled rust before and know it is never ending.
Rust never sleeps, rust is silent, rust goes deep
into areas not readily visible without extensive
reconnaissance. The damage rust inflicts is
tangible and yet it also repairable. If caught
early enough rust does minimal damage and
can be kept in check. But this requires diligence,
patience, and resources. Amphi & I have these
characteristics and we will not allow rust to
ruin or even govern our amphibious way of life.

The second enemy Amphi & I have discovered
are roaches. No, not the 60's funny cigarette
nubs, but the big brown 6 legged kind. I suppose
the roaches freak me out more than Amphi, but
we both fear them and dread them all the same.
I should stress here that we are not prejudice
against all insects, as we have benefitted from
so many and even nurture our favorite - the
water beetle. But the roaches are terrifying,
especially to Mermaid. Just their mere presence
and how they interfere with our desire for a
clean and safe environment haunts me. We also fear
that roaches could be extremely dangerous
to our beloved pets as they harbor diseases.
Since I can't reason with these pests and my
efforts for eliminating them have failed, I've
elected to exterminate them via tenting the entire
house and fumigating it. Tragically, some
beneficial critters (spiders, lady bugs, praying
mantis, etc.) will also perish. However it
must be done in order to restore sanctuary
to the area of Amphi restoration.

The events of 9-11-01 have touched us all.
They have brought out the best and the worst
in our understanding of mankind. I'm not
suggesting we melt our enemy's deserts into
seas of glass, nor do I believe negotiations
can fully resolve such deep seeded hatred and
bias. This enemy is more cunning than a
roach and more patient and persistent than
rust. I have only hope and prayers for us
all, and a will to do whatever is
amphibiously possible to help.
Be well, swim safe.