What are the most difficult Amphicar parts to find ?


Amphicar Expert
I was surprised at the number of people interested in the hubcaps I sold on Ebay recently. I didn't realise Hugh had none available. Over the next few months I have to clear out a storage garage with many old Amphicar parts and possibly a few new ones.

I might decide I have enough of some parts for my own car and so offer some for sale. As well as hubcaps (I might have one or two more) and wiper arms (not sure if I have those). What else should I look for that is most needed at the moment ?

David C
Hard to find (reasonably priced) parts...Rust free doors, hood or rear deck lid, front hood marine light cover, rear pole light, rust free horn shell, oil cooler, heater fan motor, bilge pump switch, window crank handles, wipers, original seat sliding tracks (or parts of), and of course hub caps! Contact me if you have a thermostat housing w/ temp ga. sender. Thanks, Jack Howland