Wet feet on the Rock


Marty & Caryl

It was a beautiful day in Wisconsin Sunday; way up in the 60's I
bet. I greased and changed gear oil in both transmissions. We
finished a work around the house and went out for brunch. Upon
returning home, I announced that I'd like to go swimming down at
Anchor Inn. Top down and jackets on, there we went, with smiles on
our faces. As we drove across the Rock River bridge we could see
that most of the ice has gone out of lake Koshkonong. We swam a
while and decided to get some refreshment at the Inn. Lots of
Harleys and their owners were there and wanted to see our mode of
transportation up close. We did the usual show and tell, took some
for rides. We finally got our refreshments and the kids played on
the swings. Before too long, we had been there a while and the water
was getting smoother. We swam some more and returned to the Inn as
we were not finished visiting. We repeated this scenario a number of
times until it started getting cool. I put the top up and that's
when Caryl's door didn't close all the way before our last swim of
the day. She had thrown the door latch but it was outside. As we
made a great entry, all in the car started getting concerned about
the water around their feet. I turned to the right, which pulled her
door out of the water, and everybody moved over to the my side of the
car, I started the bilge pump. I've never seen so much water coming
out of our car before except for that time on Lake Geneva. We did a
full circle and back up the ramp before anybody got too worried. At
the end of the day, we were all thankful for the great weather, the
fun and did promise to be more careful. Life sure would be boring
without our Amphicar.
Marty & Caryl
'64 Fjord Green