Were are the electric motors that power the propellers


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Thought you guys might like this story.

Wakefield Mass had a great spot for driving my fathers Amphicar in and out the water. Alot of people always around. One big problem was they had a 10 HP limit. 25 years ago coming out of the water there were two police cars waiting by the ramp to explain the HP limits on the lake. I guess it was good cop bad cop. Bad cop says there is a 10 HP limit on the lake and this Amphicar has more then that. My Father explains that there is a 60 or so HP rated engine that turns the wheels and a generator. The generator powers two 5 HP electric engines and that it would be OK to run in the lake. Good cop says ok. After a few more minutes bad cop wants to take a look at those electric engine. I never seen my father move more slower try to get the hood open. Finally good cops say get out of here.
Needless to say we never went back there again but sure did have a good laugh all the way home.

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