Weird Harold is red and shinny


Hi Everyone,
After what turned to be a much more difficult body restoration than we
expected the '68 Weird Harold is red and shinny. Three quarts of Polyester
one coat clear coat and a gallon of clear and he looked so good. Then you do
something that is really counterintuitive (thanks Bilgie) you sand it! You
take a great looking freshly painted Amphi and you wet sand it. After that he
wasn't so happy looking. Then you machine buff it, then you rub it out by
hand, then you seal it by hand. The results are amazing, better than new.
Better looking paint than new, and I venture to say the body is straighter
than the day he left the factory. He is so straight I will hate to reinstall
the side moldings. Two things I can say about my body guy he is S L O W and
he is good. Perhaps that goes hand in hand.
Now Sir Harold, as Mr. Gordon calls him, is on his way to preservation. He
has been saved. The bilge is painted as are the dash and doors. A lot of work
and worth it. Two months to reassemble everything and he will be ready to
make people smile. Then all his days will be like circus days and what could
be better?
We all should be so lucky, Tommy in Tampa

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