Weird Bummer



So on Saturday I get the engine running in my new white 67, that I've
been working on for months, and on Sunday I get the car driveable for
the first time since I've owned it. Not done, just driveable so that
I could haul it around and get some things done to it in the outside
world. Both front and rear hoods are off and the only
interior is the raw floor and the front seat. Yesterday I spent the
day going through the registration process with our DMV. Always a
thrill. Today I went to a lube place and had the trannies vacummed
out. I then filled them up with Amsoil juices. I then was going out
to the place that sells stainless steel screws (a regular haunt) and
some guy backed out and right into my freshly rechromed front bumper.
Amazing that a car that draws such attention everywhere it goes could
get driven into by some guy who wasn't looking. Anyway the damage was
limited to the bumper itself and it's already on its way back to the
bumper shop. Bummer!

John Friese
White 67
Red 67

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