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> total weight: 2368 lbs
> 800 lbs front
> 1568 lbs rear
> If anyone has a comment...great!

Hi, I have a very good factory built open trailer. It is 16' total with a 2'
dove tail. Double 3000 LB axles with 15" tires. The axles are 12' to the
bridge (center) from the front of the trailer. I load the Amphi with its back
axle 6" in front of the rear axle of the trailer. But the best thing about
this trailer is the cost. I paid $1500 but I did not buy it from the factory
so I paid a little extra. If you buy it factory direct $1300 should buy it.
The only bad thing is that it tows so easy that you can forget you are towing
it. You can buy good steel factory built car trailers all day for $1500. I
was going to build my own also but for $1500 I could not do it and save any
real money. It is going to cost 11 or $1200 to build it if you buy new axles
with good brakes the springs, wheels, tires, fenders, coupler (hitch), wire
and tail lights. Check out the Old Car Trader there will be more that one add
for $14 or $1500 trailers. Good luck with your Amphi Trailer, Tommy in Tampa

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I am designing a "inexpensive, small and light" Amphi trailer. To design it
accurately, I needed to know the weight distribution between the front and
rear. Hugh had the factory specs for a car that was at gross weight, but
nothing for a driver and passenger-less car. I should have proposed the
question to all of you, but instead I took the car to a local crushed stone
supplier and weighed it. The car had approximately 1/2 a tank of gas.

total weight: 2368 lbs

800 lbs front

1568 lbs rear

If anyone has a comment...great!

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Jack Bardsley

Hello everyone,
I have been on this site once, last week. I have been an avid fan of
Amphicars since their inception. I am now in the market to purchase a real
good number two condition Amphicar. Needless to say, excellent swimming
condition is of primary concern.
Never having driven an Amphicar, I would like to ask, what are their
handeling charistics like at moderate highway speeds? I have heard they are
not so good.. Are there any aftermarket add ons to improve road handeling
or is that taboo? Please help me I am very new to these vehicles. Thank
you all very much (in advance for understanding a novice in this area) for
your guidance.
If anyone on the list can "steer" me in the right direction, I would
appreciate it very much.
Very best regards,

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