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    Oh yea, now that was fun! It was great to finally put faces to the
    names. Although I do have trouble remembering them. A few years back
    I had a 106+ deg temp and that had an adverse affect on my memory. So
    please forgive me if I get your name wrong or forget it altogether.
    Just a little reminder is all I need. Just an embarrassing &
    frustrating thing I have to deal with.

    I had a great time. Bildgemaster was kind enough to give me my first
    ride and Billy "The Splash King" was kind enough to let me revel in
    the splendor that is a high speed entry (4th gear, 35 MPH)!! Thanks
    to all who provided rides for Ted, Daryl and myself even though we
    were Amphi-less (This year).

    Saturday night when we left the Eagles in the light rain, remember
    that? Now my bike should qualify as a part time Amphibian! The rain
    came down in buckets!! It was raining so hard that I couldn't see the
    front fender of the bike! I pulled over to get a better view, a
    sheriff pulled over behind us and turned on his overheads but
    wouldn't get out of the car! (Wuss!) I sat there for a couple of
    seconds and left. Once we got off of 127 and away from the traffic we
    actually enjoyed the warm downpour. I am sure we woke up a few in the
    campsite laughing in the rain on out way through to our camper!!

    Just to let everyone know, no we didn't ride the bike from Colorado.
    It was on a trailer behind our 38' motorhome. If I would have came
    out alone, I would have ridden it out, but 3 on a bike is too much
    for a 1400 mile road trip. I am riding it out to Sturgis, SD on

    Overall I was VERY impressed with the people and their kindness. I
    did feel somewhat bad for the guy with the yellow Geo. My personal
    impression of him wasn't a positive one. I can't comment on how
    anyone else saw him. During dinner, he tried several times to sell us
    on his business and wouldn't take no for an answer even after kindly
    I told him I was not interested at all. That is what turned me off.
    He also came VERY close to hitting my bike (never offered an apology
    either) in his haste to be part of the parade. However, I would not
    take away from him what he did with the Geo. No matter how you feel
    about him, that was very cool and ingenious. He just needs to work on
    his "people skills." Not every crowd is a business opportunity.

    Marc S. - THANKS AGAIN!!!! That was way too generous!!!!

    Dave the Wave - Your my kinda guy! The kind that you can't help but
    like! Always happy and full of ... well, full of something!! ;=)

    Amphipoda - I don't know what happened, but I just never got the
    chance to sit down and have a real conversation with you. Hopefully
    next year.

    Hugh - Some great stories there! Truly a pleasure!

    To the rest of the Amphibians whom I didn't mention, Thank you for
    all the kind words and conversation!! I am a better person for
    meeting all of you.

    I have every intention of returning with the Amphicar Extraordinaire
    next year!

    Cap'n John
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    ?The man who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the
    ?The man who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one
    has ever been. - Alan Ashley-Pitt
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