Website Woes, Part 983


Bill Connelly

Just in case nobody noticed, the Club website's been completely off-line for
about a day and a half. Turns out the folks we rent our webspace from had
some problems with their DNS lookup boxes, the machines that translate that
"" wordy stuff that most humans prefer into its actual
multi-digit numeric IP address equivalent that machines prefer. Slip a
digit and you don't exist...Kinda like flipping everybody the bird in a
biker bar.

Here's the log of my latest voyage of data discovery, as chronicled on the
site's "Web Changes and Additions" page at ~Bilgey~

~ "Web Hassles for Bilgey" ought to be the name of a friggin' reality show.
Here's the premise: Mischevious data gremlins over which he has no control
cause our hero to stare distractedly into space while checking his email
every 30 seconds for signs of contact with mysterious and shadowy Borg-like
beings collectively called "" who alone hold the strings of
life and death on the wwweb...In short, it's looking a bit like those pesky
Mi?ro$oft FrontPage server extensions may have slipped their
moorings...again, as they're wont to do from time to time for absolutely no
comprehensible reason...Tick....Tock...Tick...Tock....Tick...Tock....

~ It's 10:59 PM, and I just spoke with a nice gal in Bangalore, India where
it's 9:59 AM. Turns out it wasn't the FrontPage extensions causing the site
to poop this time after all, but rather some misconfiguration of their own
'domain name lookup server', their box that points folks who type
"" to the domain name's "real" numeric equivalent

~ It's the next morning, and it's looking like that nice gal in Bangalore
must have been using a Punjabi keyboard or something. Another call to the
Borg support beings reveals that she had made a minor typo...I guest that's
easy enough to do with a big old dozen-or-so-digit IP address number.
Finally, now all is as it should be: the website is finally back in the land
of the living web. (2/20/2004)

Bill Connelly


Well, apparently one of the "fixes" that the support techs did,
re-installing those MS FrontPage extensions, blew away all of the little
threads that held the navigation buttons, banners and so on together.

The site is now being re-loaded in its entirety, which hopefully will work
the charm, but with my pokey dial-up access it could take a while...