Website presentation


John Bevins

With all I have going on (20 diferent states so far this year) I have
not had as much time to work on the interactive schematic for my
website as I would like. I haven't even had the time to do anything
on the Amphi for over a month now.

What I need from all of you is some input.

How would you like to see it presented?
Maybe a clickable map where you click on a lamp or switch and a
picture will be displayed with the corresponding wiring color codes
and location. OR a pictorial list of switches, lamps and such with
the corresponding information.... or?

If you have any other ideas or suggestions I am open to all, good or
bad. This project will take me some time as I am doing it in my
"spare" time (whatever *that* is!)

If you have anything else that you would like to see on my site,
PLEASE let me know so I can plan for it. We have a great thing going
here (and for free! free! free! thanks to Amsoil and the
Bildgemaster) so we should make the most of it. Your input is needed
so the site can be useful to all. I average only 3 or 4 hits per day,
so something is lacking. Help me out here.

Cap'n John