Website Issues

Countdown Clock to Amphicar Forums Shutdown


Bill Connelly

Thanks to 'Big Al' Heath and Cap'n John Bevins for helping me track down the
source of the mysterious webpage coding errors that were causing the Club's
Classifieds page at to give folks' browsers
indigestion. Turns out the mis-coding culprit was that anti-spam email
encoder stuff that I was using to try to baffle those address-harvesting
web-robots that spammers use to compile their "Try New Prescription-Free
Bilge-Flavored Viagrunt NOW!" mailing lists. Fact is, all that fancy email
encoder stuff was probably just fine until I pulled some other unrelated
dumbass text manuvers in the page's coding, but all is now well again.

On other fronts, thanks to a Clubmember whose initials are "KV" kindly
lending his personal collection of newsletters of former clubs to help fill
in the blanks in the Club's Archives, the 'Newsletters of Olde' scanning
project continues on schedule, with last night's addition of the October
1976 issue of the Newsletter of the Amphicar Club presided over by Jim
Nichols, Jr. added to the others found in the "Newsletters" section of the
'Members Only Area' of the website. This issue was the third one published
by that club, and you can really see it moving on from the "Anybody out
there?" focus of the first two issues and see things really hitting their
stride. It's also the probable first source of that VW Transport Brake
Master Cylinder original part replacement tip (and also that mythical $250

That is all...