web page update- Amphi Stretch- Another engine swap


Dave Derer

I finally got some nice pics posted at www.midwestamphicar.com of the
Fourth Swim With Dave. Also a couple of shots of a Tennessee Battle
Ship. The "dream" is to do a mild stretch. About 10 inches. I plan on
cutting the doors in half and doing the stretch there. That would allow
rear windows and top frame to work. I do not think that would change the
floatablity too much. Unlike Amphizine that has some issues with waves.
The reason for a stretch is we are not fitting that well. Every day the
boys get taller. Ray is getting better and faster with these engines. He
pulled the engine out of BW2 nearly by himself, dismantled it. With
limited supervision swapped covers, cam, etc. It took him about 11
hours with clean up. Later he told me, " Iam tired, I do not know how
you do it." This Summer just might show him homework is not really so
hard after all. Viva Celina!!! Later DaveYes It Runs Again I Promise Not
To Beat Till Celina Wave