We swam with Dave



What a great weekend we had swimming with Dave the Wave and his
lovely wife Margie. I think the last total was 12 cars, someone said
13; but it was hard to keep track when they kept moving in and out of
the water.
Plenty of sunshine between the fast moving clouds kept the
temperature just a tad on the cool side. Many tops were up, while
some wore jackets with tops down.
The mighty Rock River was beautiful and UP. It had an incredibly
robust current, which made exiting like flying, challenging us to
slip our cars in at an angle with the peddle down.
We swam with cars from all over the Midwest. We swam safe and only
had 2 incidences of wet feet, one from a non-impelling bilge pump and
one when a door had not been closed completely. We swam with some
new Amphi owners, which is always fun and exciting to hear their new
We had great swims, excellent food and lots of entertainment. The
people of Dixon,IL were delighted to see so many Amphis cruising
We will definitely swim with Dave again next year.
Marty & Caryl
'64 Turq


Ditto on this ....

Nikolai and I were only able to make if for Saturday but we had a
fantastic time. Dave has my car purring like a kitten. The weather
was great and even though the Illinois River was flooded the Rock
River was great.

I drove back from Sterling in the Amphicar with a new owner from
NYC. We got lost but managed our way back. The car drives better on
land then I recall from last year which leads me to think Dave
tinkered with the steering. It doesn't wander at all and we had it
up past 60 several times with plenty of pedal left.

At church on Sunday night everyone asked Nik about Saturday and he
told them about the car (as much as a 3 year old can say about
anything). I did let him drive while we were heading down stream.

What a great way to start the swimming season in the midwest!!! I
really like these smaller events where you can actually meet and know
everyone. Dave and Margie are always the best hosts!

Thanks Dave & Margie for a great event.

Eric and Nikolai Mattlin.