We swam the stalwart



Hi all,
The following is about our other amphibious vehicle a Stalwart. It is a
British, amphibious, battle field support vehicle. We just swam it tonight for
very first time.
It is not an Amphicar but it wishes it was. Our wonderful little Amphicars
have so much personality it's hard for any other vehicle to get a fair chance.
The truth is the Stalwart swims like a fish and seems to be as quick an
Amphi. It ran good on land and was a surprise in the water. The stalwart has two
trusters so you steer it by deflecting the trust. It works great, that 16000lb
8'5" wide 21' long beastie draws 6' of water and turns better than the
Amphicar. The deck is 8' x 12' it is carpeted and will sport a BBQ soon. Fifteen
people will have room to spare. It is my version of a pontoon boat.
You are all welcome to come for a swim.
Thanks for your patients I knew some of you wanted to know what was going on
with the Stalwart.
Tommy in Tampa
'67 Stalwart - Amphicar wannabe