we could all use help with this Amphi issue:

Jon March

(other than the obvious help of keeping the top up as much as possible, and trying "steaming")

.....What is the trick to eliminating this unsightly issue on the rear quarters of the convertible top?

(not the wrinkles from being folded)
but the actual "stretchmarks" - are there extra strip or snaps that people have added at the bottom edge - to pull it more fully "taught" to get out that common nusiance

or is it based on simply pulling the zipper/velcro flap- sides more firmly around the metal frame when installing? And altho I sure do see the value in velccro in that spot.... if you have to pull that hard - it seems youd need the holding power of a zipper to pull out the wrinkle in that spot?.... (but i get it: youd better be damn sure you unzip EVERY time!!)

Seems this fellow really nailed it! ....and swank amphi-patch to top off the clean job there!

How do you het that smooth fit! Maybe a stretch-top made with 10% Spandex lycra!

Amphicar top rear quarter wrinkles & stretchmarks.png