Dave Derer

How about the time we showed everybody the bottom side of our Amphi
while out on Lake Geneva. This big, no, huge pleasure boat stopped
to watch us swimming. When they decided to leave, they pushed a
couple of tons of water into these massive waves. We didn't see the
incoming waves until they were upon us and we were hit from the
side. The first wave put our car up on its side and the second wave
filled the car. We just knew we were fish food at that point. We
did survive and were totally wet; the bilge ran for 30 minutes.
There is no moral to the story, just clean wet fun watching waves.
Marty & Caryl

I almost forgot. All of us were yelling to turn around. You guys thought
we were just waving friendly hellos. This wave taller than the Amphi hit
them on the side. We really did see the entire underneath. Once we
breathed a sigh of relief knowing they did not capsize, the second big
wave completly washed them down. That second one was funny with all of
that water going in on Marty and shooting past Caryl.

Hey Mark Richardson how fast can props go on land?

I installed my custom wood steering wheel last night. It gives me
motivation to get it floating. Later Dave the Wave