water transmitions


Gord Souter

Water transmition gear 2-16-43 and 44 are no longer avalable.
I have taken a remaining new gear to a machine shop in Toronto
that specializes in gears.
they can make exact copys of this gear but probuction for small numbers is
very high.
I have tryed to pool my resorces with other supplyers with no luck.
now I,m going to ask you if your interested.(email me back off line if you
I was given quotes back in feb,for 1 at $600(note quotes are in Can so
divide by 1.54)
to 100 at $185.00 and evevy thing in between.per gear
2-16-43 is the most critical at this time, it has a slight raised lip on the
one side.
these gears do chip after years of engaging, and water pit on the inside
bearing surface.
without this you have no water tran hence no Amphicar.
I would think that everyone should have a spare set of these with there
amphicar to protect there future.
email me back a (houseboats@encode.com)and I will start a file and see if
its worth while pursueing.
Because these are small shipping is not a big issure
as it was in the windsheilds.
mine cost over $600 can, to be delivered

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