Water Pump Noise


Arnold Hite

>Message: 6
> Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003 18:15:41 -0500
> From: "Michael Echemann" <echemike@sbcglobal.net>
>Subject: Water Pumps
>Can anyone tell me if a water pump can be noisy prior to going bad or do they
simply work then go bad? I've got a noise coming from the engine area and if I
let the car sit and idle I can't figure out where it coming from. It runs fine
and the timing etc is also good so I have no operating problems. It almost
sounds like a dull rattle but I'm sure it's mechanical somewhere in the engine
area. Thanks

I don't have much to add to how to listen to a noisy bearing.
However, to answer your question directly: Can a water pump be noisy
prior to going bad? Yes it can. Many think a water pump will always
leak before failing. That's not true. A few years ago I had a Toyota
that developed a engine rattling noise. It was especially noticeable a
idle speed, but the water pump didn't leak a drop. I figured it was the
pump by feeling the play between the radiator fan and pump. I reasoned
that it must not be too bad yet since it wasn't leaking. I figured I
would drive the cart until it leaked, maybe even a little longer until
it leaked a lot. I drove the car like that for a least another year.
Driving late one night I heard a thud and suddenly all the red lights
on the dash lit up. I stopped under a street light and saw that the
pump bearing housing had completely failed and the radiator fan was
hanging down to the street. Still the pump didn't leak. I cut away the
mangled fan belt and threw the fan in the trunk. I managed to drive
home by letting the car cool off for about 15 minutes and then driving
it until heated up again. It took an hour to go the 5 miles to my house.

Johns Island, SC