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hello everyone. We are in the process of getting a 67 Amphicar up and going. right now it is a work in progress and the big goal is to drive the car. No swimming...............yet.

so along this journey we come to the wiring---everything is amazingly in tact and funtioning - all the lights,turn signals ect ect then we get to the navigation lights and water drive-

according to wiring diagrams we are working with the nav lights go on when the water drive switch on the dash board is thrown and the key is on. Now there is another water drive switch on the water tranny rod that enables the water drive light on the dash when the water drive shifter is moved. We got all that---

question----what does the water drive switch on the dash do???? i just cant figure it out.

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It's been quite awhile since I've seen these diagrams but my recollection is that there is an error in the diagram regarding this area of the schematic drawing. I think it should show the water drive lamp and not a switch on the dashboard. I have 2 67's and late cars have a weird circuit that precludes the front marine light from operating when the car is NOT in marine mode. Some states won't allow any red lights to be visible from the front of the car when going down the road. This makes some sense and the way Amphicar did this is to "float" the ground wire going to that front light unless the gears are in marine mode. They did this with an insulating washer around the mounting screw. I hope this helps. If you are still lost let me know and I'll refresh my memory as to the error in the diagram.


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fSNOW 15 027.jpg fSNOW 15 026.jpg fSNOW 15 025.jpg When I restore Amphicars I wire them so marine light will come on any time, even with key off, if a boat is parked on water at night they must still have the nav lights on. I use mine all the time in our town to watch the fireworks they shoot of over our lake. Lights on!
Looks like you might need a windshild post there. I hav 2 NOS frames in stock!(back home, in Florida now 0
A pic of some of my stock in Florida att.


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thanks for the replies. We will be wiring the nav lights to a switch on the dash. We were just wondering why the switch is labeled "water drive" and its for the nav lights only it seems.

Gord- thanks for the offer of the frames. Not sure what/where the direction of this project is going. You might recognize the guy on the left in the picture................ the one and only........Jim Davis from Webster NY. His 62 is almost done ( complete restoration) when he decided that he wanted to drive the 67 this summer. So we switched gears a little bit. Never a dull moment.

We are learning alot about this little boat of a car and the work we are doing on the 67 will come ten fold to help finish the 62. All it needs is interior,electrical finished and seals.

thanks again!!!!!!!!


It is confusing, Marty. There is a Marine Light switch on the dash (top-left) wired to battery. It illuminates the white rear pole and red/green marine lights any time. As John pointed out, in some later cars this was changed & wired thru the prop light switch so red/green would only illuminate when the props were engaged with the key on. The white rear pole lamp would still illuminate anytime. There is also a prop light (center-top) on the dash that illumInates when the props are engaged, key on (& timer relay engaged).

Great project & Good luck!