watch out for what you wish for, value and insurance.


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We have owned our Amphora for eleven or twelve years,( lost count). We have been insured by American Family the whole time. Our agent has his office next door to our business and insures our house and ten, yes ten cars. Our premium for the Amphora is $125 a year with a stated value. It even covered the windshield replacement when some dumb ass put the handle bar of a bicycle through it. Watching the value of these cars go up and the ridiculous price some people pay at auction, I decided to have ours appraised again. I hired an appraiser who came out to the house and looked it over. He made his usual notes and asked the questions someone should ask.
The appraisal arrived today and was I surpassed. He had done some research and does make some good points. Our car is a survivor, in good shape. Sure I have thought about a major rebuild but then would end up with something I have to be to careful with. A little scratch or a little ding, oh well no big deal.
Anyway to much ramblin. Do you want to know how much our little friend is valued at?
Does $40,000 sound out of line? Well, I have it writing and I did not request that amount. This is what the appraiser came up with. My agent thinks the premium will go up by $20 bucks. That still keeps us under $200 a year.

Tim Wick
63 in Wisconsin

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