Washington resident



I live in Mountlake Terrace Washington.
Last summer I had my blue Amphicar in lake Cavanaugh, I usually
Put it in Lake Washington At Kenmore, and go up the Samamish
Slough , which is a good run, I was the one the hood flew up last
year, and smashed the windshild , after about $8000.00 worth of
repairs, of which Hagerty paid the most of , which I am completly
It looks great , now I:m working on the rust in the fram , I plan
to go up to Lake Cavanaugh this year in July, Hope to see some
Ahpicars up there , or maybe in lake Washington this year, give me a
call , or E Mail ross.donaldf@comcast.com PH. 425 778 6987
This Club is th best!!!