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Larry & Nancy Solheim

The traffic from I-95 onto the Washington Beltway
rivals any we?ve seen, including LA and Seattle, but
Amphi tracked well behind the Breeze, we weren?t
sideswiped, and soon arrived safely at Greenbelt
National Park on the NE side of the metro area.

Saturday was tour day, which included a DUKW (Duck)
tour of the city and a splash into the Potomac River.
Comparatively, the Amphicar feels like a sports boat.
The DUKW was noisy and lumbering with quite a bit of
vibration due to the continual turning of the rear
axle. Nice to experience the variety and become
?multiply-amphibious? though.

Sunday we headed cross-town in Amphi for a very
pleasant afternoon visit with Bilgey, Mrs Bilgey
(Tanya), Victor, Anna, and Runt (thank you very much
all) followed by a terrific 1-1/2 hour cruise down the
Occoquan River. Peaceful and beautiful - quite a
contrast to the busy freeway to/from Greenbelt and the

Back to more touring now.

We hope to head across the Lewes Ferry on Wednesday to
see Billy & Randy (Randy if you see this, tell Billy
to return my call: 206-919-2287) if it's OK.

--Larry, Nancy & Amphi

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