WANTED: Trailer


Bill Connelly


Web Toed Motoring Family seeks car trailer to tow its Amphicar during their
first attempt at a "Family Amphibian Road Trip Vacation" from July 24th
through August 11th.

Planned itinerary includes the Celina Convention, the Put-in-Bay Gathering
afterwards, a week's sojourn at a cabin on Long Lake in the New York
Adirondacks and then home to Springfield, Virginia.

A call yesterday to the local U-Haul about the cost of their auto
transporter resulted in the startling figure of $49 a day (that's $999
total). Tarnation! We don't want to BUY the damned thing! We just want to
use it for a couple of weeks!

Obviously, a lot of folks will be using their trailers for the Celina
Shindig, but if you aren't, have an extra, or if you might have one
available AFTER Celina, and are less than say a day's drive from Washington,
D.C., then let's talk!