Wanted to buy: Nice, useable Amphicar.


I had a wonderful Fjord Green Amphicar a few years ago and sold it when I moved to the Seattle area. I know how more garage space and would love another. No projects, just something I can enjoy now. Leads appreciated. Thanks. Greg Long, Kirkland


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Hi Greg
My friend, David Wright, has a 1965 (I think) red Amphi that he would like to sell. He isn't on the Amphicar Forum, so he asked me to reply to you. (I'm not selling my 1967 red). David's car is in really nice condition. He had a very well thought of body shop go over it about five years ago. At that time, he put on a Gordon's fiberglass hood. Dave didn't use the car last summer, so my memory is a little unclear, but I would say it was a very solid, fine running specimen. I helped him purchase it about 15+ years ago. I believe that he wants to sell simply because they do not use it any longer. He and his wife Robin, have twin twelve year olds. I think their life is consumed with boys' sporting events.
Contact information:
David Wright -

612 805 3469 • Mobile

4807 Sheridan Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55410

I hope you find the amphi of your dreams!
Mark Lellman
ifloat 67 red


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Ray, in Ontario is going to be selling his White Amphicar, One of the Best!
Old pic at my place.
I did a major seveice on it last fall..


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