Wanted Friese Clutch and Air Cleaner asm.


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Any one have a John Friese clutch for sale. Also need air cleaner.
Call Dale
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Hi Dale
I ordered a Freese clutch on e-bay on Sept 22. Delivery is Nov 1. I was told it may take a while so I'm patiently waiting. I plan on pulling motor and tranny and swapping out all wear items. Air cleaner at Garden Imports.


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I thought I saw that his widow was still selling them. I sure hope someone continues to offer his products!
Agree. Maybe Gord or Dave will carry the torch. Buy out the design from John's widow or pay her a commission on sales.


Im reporting in on my Freeze clutch order on Ebay. As mentioned I placed order on September 22 and waited until the beginning of December before contacting Ebay on the whereabouts of clutch. I spoke to a few members and apparently Johns Clutches, shipping, Ebay account, Etc are all at a standstill at this time. I called my credit card and they credited my account and then after a month Ebay credited my card. So Three months later no clutch but money is back with me. In my conversations with members I heard Alan from California was selling an Amphicar clutch Kit. I called Allan and he is sending me a kit. Im almost finished collecting parts and plan on pulling motor in a month or so to reseal and replace wear items.