WANTED! 2 doors, hood and engine cover! (yea, I know how tough that is)

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With all the forest fires now burning here in Colo, one of my body guys shop fell victim along with (so far) 248 other homes and 86,000 acres in the High Park fire. We managed to get the hull out but we were not able to get the hood, engine cover and both doors out of his shop in time. It's a total loss, except the foundation. He doesn't know when he may be able to go back, it could be weeks or more.

Fiberglass hood is acceptable, repairable doors and engine cover needed.

John 303-868-8384

This pic was taken from Horsetooth resevoir, Fort Collins, CO. I spend a lot of time here....
(I didn't take this myself)


Oh wow, that is so sad. I remember back in the early 80s spending time at Horsetooth reservoir. Beautiful place.
Sorry to see this happening. Real bummer about the amphicar parts, hopefully someone will come through with what you need.



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See my adds about front and rear hoods in this section...
Steel and Glass fronts at Rons. Rears are at my shop
Can Bring to Cellina
I do have a set of complete doors at my place.
I was saving for a future project, white,white frames. bottoms gone


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Will need a hood for certain, we have not excavated the site yet, we have some hope the doors and engine cover are at the bottom of the ashpile. This may have insulated them from the brunt of the heat. (fingers crossed)