Dave Derer

Actually I voted for Billy. Celina last year, Margie, kids and Grandpa
were all driving me nuts. I jumped in Billys car and got destressed. Yea
he is nuts but you actually have to be with him to get the full picture.
We did arrive back on shore with record breaking amount of people and
one dog in an Amphi. It was his suggestion that got me on Junk Yard
Wars. Which has great memories and is still producing memories. As
crafts to be made Producers kept us in dark of what each other was doing
. Only asking me for three different plans. There is nothing like
turning on TV and seeing a very tired Billy trying to discuss his stuck
Amphi. I wish I had a copy of that. So he helped produce some really
excellent Amphicar smiles for me. It would not bother me if he won the
Amphibious award. It would be my pleasure to hand it to him. Later Dave
the Wave
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